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Watch Me Grow | 2024

You will see your baby grow so quickly within their first year. That tiny little newborn bundle will give you their first smile, first giggle, roll over, sit unaided, crawl, first words, sleep throughout the night (fingers crossed!) And first steps. Time will fly faster than you can imagine.

We have created a perfect watch me grow milestone package which includes three fantastic photoshoots during the first year. Each session recording key elements in your child’s development. The ‘Watch Me Grow’ package also includes a beautiful handmade trio frame (one photograph from each session) at the end of the first year. 

The Newborn portrait session 

The first session is a newborn session, when your little one is between five days and three weeks old. Capturing those tiny details is made even more special by how fleeting it is, this session is baby led, meaning we stop for cuddles, feeds, nappy changes whenever needed. The session usually lasts around 2 hours,  make yourself at home on our sofa and watch us work our magic. 

The ‘Sitter’ portrait session 

Once your little one is sitting unaided you are then welcomed back into the studio for the second watch me grow photoshoot. Sitting unaided is an enormous milestone and can be a tricky one to master. This means the timescale for this will vary from baby to baby, roughly between six and nine months. 

The First Birthday portrait session 

Celebrate your little ones momentous milestone of their first birthday. Trust me this milestone will come within a blink of an eye. The first birthday session can either be a portrait session or a Cakesmash session. 

Don’t forget to be present in some of the photographs yourselves. We know it’s hard to be in front of the camera even after only having a few hours sleep. Remember the photographs with you in them will be the ones your little one will treasure the most when they are your age. 

Myself and Luke look forward to documenting this life changing journey with you. 


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