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Dadhood | Part 1

Sitting here writing this amidst a pandemic is something I never thought I’d be doing, especially as a new Dad. During the first two weeks of “Dadhood” I experienced something that I had never experienced before, Anxiety.

I found myself worrying about the smallest things, is Elsie ok? Is she breathing? What’s that mark on her cheek? I even woke from a semi slumbering concerned Elsie had a seed in her nose; after hearing her snort a couple times! Madness I know but something that I’ve been told is perfectly natural. I would say that it took me at least a couple of weeks to start to feel like my old self again and find my place in our little family.

It’s really hard to explain the feeling I had during those first few weeks but I’m sure any new Dads out there know exactly what I mean. A mixture of love, fascination and bewilderment combined with an overhanging worry that it could all go wrong, I’m responsible for this little life. I’m told the worrying will never go away so that is something I’ll have to get used to. I’ve since relaxed and learnt to enjoy the little moments as much as possible, although I’ve removed all seed related items from the house!

Covid-19 hasn’t helped the situation especially after being told Elsie can’t see her Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles and Nieces. We’ve really come to appreciate the value of FaceTime/Skype as a way for all of us to stay in contact. The crisis we are in has certainly increased my appreciation of the little things in life, enjoying the outdoors, family and friends; to name a few

I saw a post online saying that the country should be ‘back to normal’ in 6 months, I wonder if ‘back to normal’ was the problem in the first place. Maybe after all the dust has settled on Covid-19 we can start to understand that the little things in life, those little things, aren’t so little.

Stay Safe,



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