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What I Love About My Job.

I get asked all the time “what do you love about being a photographer?” It’s a hard question and to be honest with you I can’t give you a straight up answer because there are so many things I love about my job.

I can however tell you that one of my favourite parts of being a family photographer in Cornwall is that I get to meet so many lovely families through such a magical time in their lives. Watching their Newborn baby grow up into cheeky smilers. I can’t tell you how lovely it is when they come back in to show off their little brother or sister, It certainly makes time feel like it’s flying by.

Here are just a few of the lovely families we have had the pleasure of celebrating their second child’s arrival this year.

Say hello to baby Alexander born in April this year. We got to know Alexander’s parents really well through capturing his older sister Charlotte as a Newborn, Sitter Session and celebrated Charlotte’s first birthday with a Cake Smash Session. It was like seeing old friends again when they walked into the studio. Due to lockdown we had to rearrange Alexander’s Newborn Session. He was around three months old when we got to meet him and check out those beautiful eyes.

Just look at these two! Isabelle was so excited to have her photographs taken with her baby sister Olivia. We first met Isabelle when she was only a few weeks old back in 2016. She hasn’t changed a bit. She smiled from ear to ear during her Newborn Session, Sitter Session and Cake Smash Session and she continued to smile throughout her little sisters Newborn session.

Last year we had such fun celebrating Wyatt’s first birthday in the studio. His Mum and Dad were having a naming ceremony for him with all their friends and family. They wanted to have some professional photographs of Wyatt to remember the occasion. They mentioned that they wished they had known about us when Wyatt was born as they would have loved to of had a Newborn Session. As soon as Wyatt’s Mum found out they where expecting again she sent us a message as they didn’t want to miss out this time on the arrival of Xander.

Now we are in our second lockdown and the studio is closed once again it’s really lovely to reflect on how lucky we are to do such a wonderful job in such a beautiful part of the country. I definitely take it for granted but I’m making it my mission to take time to enjoy the little things and appreciate how far we’ve come as a business but most importantly a family.



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