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What Happens in a Newborn Photography Session?

We love to create beautiful portraits that will stand the test of time and be treasured by you and your family for years to come. It is best to book your Newborn session while you are still pregnant as Newborn sessions must be done in the first 14 days of life. Babies are very sleepy at this age and allows for better posing, don't miss out to capture these memories and treasure your Newborn as Art. Here are the most frequently asked questions we get before a Newborn session.

When to book your Newborn session?

The best time to photograph a newborn baby is when they are under two weeks of age, after two weeks babies are a little harder to settle and things like colic and baby acne can start to flare up. You can contact us at any time during your pregnancy to give us an estimated due date, we will then make a previsionary booking and when you arrive home from hospital with your brand new baby you can contact us to arrange a suitable time and day for your session.

Where your session is held?

Your newborn session will take place in our studio at Krowji in Redruth.

​How long will the session last?

Newborn Art sessions can take between 2-4 hours, allowing time for feeding and comforting. Please bring something to eat for yourselves, cold and hot drinks are will be provided.

Should I bring anything with me?

Make sure you have a few changes of clothing for all (both you and your baby, as it's very normal for babies to make a mess during the shoot.) Extra nappies and baby wipes are also a good idea. A dummy is also very helpful.

What happens if baby soils on your props?

Part of being a newborn photographer is that this will happen. It could even happen on ourselves! Don’t apologise, or feel embarrassed, it's expected.

When do I see the images?

We arrange a viewing appointment usually within 7 days after the studio session. We specialise in beautiful Wall Art so you can bring your images to life and display them on your walls. We believe that your portraits really come to life when they are carefully printed and displayed in your home, you'll love what we have to offer.

If you would like any more information or would like to book your Newborn Session please send us a message or give us a call, we'd love to hear from you.

Jo Buckley Photography | 01209 215422 |


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