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Together we make a family...

If there’s one thing we love doing in the studio its getting families together for a generation photoshoot.

What’s a generation photoshoot? A generation photoshoot is a session designed around you and your family, specifically more than one generation. Mum & Dad, Gran & Grandad, and sometimes Great Gran & Grandad. It’s also great to include sons and daughters.

We believe it’s really important to have professional portraits taken of your family, not only to look at and cherish today but also for years to come. Our mission and passion is to create a legacy for your family to pass down for generations; never has it been more important to exist in photographs and specifically print. The printed image is everything to us and it will be to you when you see your family come to life in beautifully printed portraits.

Our recent generation photoshoot was an absolute blast and we’d thought we’d share a story behind one of the faces.

Gowen is our make-up artist Kim’s Grandma. As a child Kim couldn't say Grandma and instead referred to her as Gowen; today the name still stands.

Gowen was born in 1929 in Gillingham, Dorset. Gowen left school at 14 and despite wanting to be a hairdresser, went to work in an office (her parents wouldn’t let her follow her ambition). When the war broke out in the late 1930’s, Gowen now 18, was called up to work in a factory that worked on radiogram’s and watches. She enjoyed attending dances and going to the pictures with her friends.

After the war finished Gowen found herself fulfilling her ambition to cut hair by working in a dog groomers, clipping poodles. Having lived in Bournemouth for a spell where she ran a convenience store around the time Kim’s Mum was born, Gowen eventually settled on the Isle of Scilly in the early 80’s to be closer to her family.

Four generations captured in beautiful, timeless portraits, treasured forever.


Left to Right: Carina, Gowen, Lauren, Rhona, Kim


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