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The Perfect Pushchair

Buying the right pushchair is a bit like buying the right car, you want it to be comfortable and easy to handle. Ideally it’s best to go into a shop and try different makes and models out. However this luxury has been getting more and more difficult in Cornwall with shops like Mothercare and Helston Baby Centre closing down at the end of 2019 and with all what’s been happening this year with COVID.

The best way now is to simply ask for friends advice and to read reviews. So with that in mind here is my review on our pushchair, the Infababy Ultimo 3-wheel 3in1 travel system. It’s an all-terrain pushchair, carry cot and car seat.

When I was looking into buying a pushchair I really wanted a pushchair which I could use from birth all the way through to when they could walk. I wanted one which would cope with being pushed through fields, over cobbled streets and one which I could use at our local park run. I know, I know, I didn’t want much!

After searching the internet I came across Infababy. What attracted me at first was the 3 big tyres. I’ve seen so many pushchairs with small little plastic wheals which are so noisy on the tarmac and struggle to even go over cobbles. Surely these tyres would be able to handle our Cornish outdoor lifestyle. The second thing that was very appealing was the price, It almost seamed too good to be true.

After watching this ladies video review, I decided this was the one. It was too early to purchase there and then so I put it on my to do list nearer my due date. In the mean time while looking through Facebook Market Place I came across a lady selling the exact one I wanted and it was in immaculate condition having used it only a handful of times. I was unsure whether to get a second hand pushchair as they say not to buy second hand car seats. In the end I decided to send the lady a message. She was lovely and explained why she hadn’t used it very much. So I decided to buy the pushchair from her and it’s been one of my best buys to this day.

We have certainly put the Infababy through its paces. It handles bumpy churned up rugby fields like a knife through butter, ok I maybe exaggerating a bit there! In all seriousness we have been everywhere with it. We certainly took advantage of our one walk a day during lockdown, It’s smooth, easy to manoeuvre and comfortable for both me and my husband Luke. The handlebar has 3 different height adjustment positions which has come in very handy as Luke’s 6.1 and I’m 5.3. To top it all off it looks smart too, the only place we struggled with it was on the beach but I’ll forgive it for that.

So for anyone looking for an all in one travel system to suit your Cornish lifestyle Infababy have you covered. They get a 5* review from me.



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