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Some Advice...

The last couple of years for many people have been challenging but what it has given people is an appreciation of what they have. Personally, we’ve enjoyed the extra time with close family, and appreciated were we live more.

Taking photographs for a job is a wonderful way to make a living, especially seeing smiles and tears of joy from our customers after they’ve viewed their photographs. Our main piece of advice for anyone who’s found joy in the little things over the past two years, ’print your photos’.

A couple of years ago we decided we wanted to change the way we did business. We weren’t happy with our photographs staying in the digital world, that’s why if you have professional photographs with Jo Buckley Photography you’ll receive a physical print as well as a digital file. We all take thousands of photographs a year on our devices but what really happens to the majority of the moments in time? The reality is that most of them stay on the device and that’s a real shame because as technologies advance these moments are potentially at risk of being lost forever. Can you imagine if you lost all the photographs on your phone today, like me you’d feel heart broken. So my task to you is to make sure you print your favourite photographs as soon as you can.

Don’t trust technology…

We’ve taken thousands of Newborn, Cake Smash, and Family photographs since we started our journey to become portrait photographs and the thought of anyone of our customers losing their photographs due to a failure of technology or freak accident is horrible. However, It can happen, I’ve had a hard drive fail once before and yes it wasn’t backed up. I now make a concerted effort to make sure that all our family photographs are in more than one digital space but more importantly we print as many photographs as we can. This doesn’t mean you have to spend money on high quality prints, get to a supermarket booth, at the end of the day a small print is better than no print or photograph at all.

We’ve recently added a series of products to our catalogue that have a 100 year colour guarantee, what does this mean? Well for us the magic of photography is that we know future generations will enjoy the photograph as much as we enjoy them today. Personally,

I want our daughter Elsie to have photographs of her family that have stood the test if time.

We’ve specialised in taking family portraits for nearly a decade now so If you are thinking about having some professional photographs taken of your family head over to our website to find out how we can create some beautiful portraits for you.


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