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Peta | Tiny Toes Baby Massage | LOVE LOCAL

Tell us about your business…what do you do?


I teach and run baby massage classes to parents for babies from 6 weeks old to crawling.


Massage is a lovely way to spend quality bonding time with baby while helping them to relax. Gentle massages can soothe baby and aid them in a better night’s sleep, making it ideal for adding to a bedtime routine. Not only this, but massaging has many physical benefits for baby like aiding digestion and easing teething pain. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

A baby massage is simply lying your baby down on a soft towel and massaging them using small rhythmic strokes over their torso, legs and arms.

During my classes we sing and talk to baby gently which helps to make them feel more comfortable.

There are so many benefits for baby, and parents too! The soothing strokes of a loving parent’s hands stimulates the ‘love’ hormone, Oxytocin, in both parent and baby which helps to strengthen the bond between them. Massage helps to develop cognitive skills as it focuses on interaction, and the relaxing sensation and routine will help the whole family sleep better and stay relaxed for longer.

It’s a great way for dads and babies to bond with each other which can be significant for partners as they don’t always tend to get as much hands-on time when their baby is very young and baby massage can help new mums who may suffer from postnatal depression as they interact closely with their child in a calm and loving environment.


Recent studies have shown that massaging in the early days of a child’s life may help newborns to recover from jaundice and it has been proven that massaging premature babies can be an effective method in aiding them during their recovery. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine]


What makes your business unique/special?


My baby massage classes are developmental, so not only do I teach parents a massage routine that they can use at home, perhaps incorporating it into their baby’s bedtime routine, I also teach parents techniques that will aid their babies development from tummy time, sitting to standing.

I am also qualified to work with parents with babies with additional needs.

What item/service on your menu or in your shop do you just LOVE and think everyone needs?

My massage oils with essential oils. These are used to help parent’s hands glide over their baby’s delicate skin with ease, but they can also help to aid a host of childhood ailments from teething, coughs and colds, colic and digestion problems and help to aid sleep.

My favourite is Camomile Roman, it’s such a fantastic all rounder for babies; soothing fractiousness associated with teething, digestion and colic.

In what way have you gone above/beyond in the past for a customer?

I offer baby massage classes in people’s homes either for a group of friends and their babies or for an individual family on a one to one basis.

My Daddy and Baby massage classes have become really popular. I run them every couple of months at the weekend, as many dads tend to miss out whilst working during the week. It’s a great opportunity for dads to spend quality time bonding with their babies whilst giving mum some ‘me’ time.

What are you passionate about outside of your business?

My two boys and teaching - I feel privileged to be a primary school and baby massage teacher. I love being able to give babies and children the best possible start in life.

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Describe your perfect day?

Having a hot cup of coffee and going to the toilet alone?! Haha!! No seriously, I love just spending quality time with my family... and cake, I love cake too!!

What other local business do you love and why?

One2eleven indoor and soft play has been great since having my youngest boy as it offers something for both of boy’s ages and they love it!

What’s your favourite biscuit!?

Jam and cream rings


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