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Maternity Mini Sessions

We have the privilege of photographing lots of newborn sessions in our photography studio in Redruth Cornwall and many people think this is all they need and want. The thought of having a bump session, known as maternity session, wasn’t really their thing. They would say, “I felt big and frumpy during pregnancy and didn’t want a full photography photoshoot to be all about me. Especially when I felt massive”.

Although, once their baby was here they had almost instantly forgotten what it was like to be pregnant and missed stroking their now absent bump. They continued, “I really wish I had a couple of professional bump photographs which I could look back on as remainder of a special time”.

Myself and Luke here at Jo Buckley Photography are not just here to take beautiful professional photos, we are passionate about capturing all those memories and emotions to help you remember every detail. Pregnancy is an amazing journey. You are growing a tiny little human inside you. A little human who you already love, before you have even met them. How is that possible? That love will only grow and grow as they get older.

After hearing so many Mums say they wish they had a professional photograph of them when they were pregnant we knew we had to something, the journey into Motherhood must be celebrated. If you have ever considered having your bump photographed but only wanted a couple of photographs, we have a special treat for you, Maternity Mini Sessions. You might walk into the studio feeling massive and frumpy but you’ll be leaving the studio feeling like Beyoncé!

Bookings for our Maternity Mini Sessions are on Sunday 13th February and can be made through our website. There are only 5 spaces available.


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