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Tell us about your business…what do you do?

I am a HypnoBirthing Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Antenatal Educator, Doula and Independent Health and Wellbeing Champion.

I offer private and group HypnoBirthing classes in Cornwall. I teach the Mongan Method of HypnoBirthing – it is a complete Birth Education Programme that teaches simple but specific self-hypnosis, relaxation and breathing techniques for birth. HypnoBirthing is as much a philosophy of birth as it is a technique for achieving a satisfying, relaxing and stress-free method of birthing. During the course you will learn how to tune in to your natural instincts, call upon your body’s own natural relaxant and thus lessen, or even eliminate, discomfort and the need for medication. You will also eliminate your fears and enter your birthing with calm confidence.

I also offer Bespoke Antenatal classes – these can include anything that a couple would like to learn. For example I can support with knowledge and education about the body and what will happen during labour, relaxation for pregnancy and birth, breathing techniques, writing a comprehensive birth plan, positions for labour and birth, informed consent and decision making and much more.

I am a clinical Hypnotherapist and offer solution focused therapy specialising in I specialise in:






Fear Release

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)


Hypnotherapy is an alternative healing method that is used to create subconscious change in a person in the form of new responses, thoughts, attitudes, behaviours or feelings. The use of hypnotic techniques will give you the power and confidence to make the changes you want to make in your life. Hypnotherapy can assist with changing old habits, resetting negative behaviours, and challenging and discarding unhelpful self beliefs.

I am also a HypnoBirthing Doula - A Doula is a non-medical person who stays with and assists a woman before, during, or after childbirth, to provide emotional support and physical help if needed. Continuous support during birth from a Doula, is associated with improved overall health of the mother and the baby, shorter labour time, reduced risk of a c-section, reduced mortality rates and a lower need for medical intervention or pain relief.

I run Relaxation Workshops in Newquay, Falmouth, St Austell and soon to be in Truro. The Workshops is designed to equip you with some tools and skills you can use to begin a relaxation routine and to help your in life's every day challenges. During the Workshops you will learn Breathing Techniques, Instant and Rapid Relaxation Techniques, Guided Visualisation, Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Mindfulness.

As an Independent Health and Wellbeing Champion I go in to schools, colleges and small businesses offering workshops to staff and students – mindfulness, relaxation, better sleep, and de-stress. My teachers workshops are very popular and the feedback I get is that it really makes a big difference in how they cope with the stresses of life’s daily demands.

What makes your business unique/special?

I think my unique selling point comes from 2 separate approaches. Firstly I am a HypnoBirthing mum myself. I have first-hand experience of using and implementing all of the HypnoBirthing techniques and went on to have a wonderful, calm and natural birth. So when I say HypnoBirthing works – I truly know it because I’ve done it! Secondly, I am not only a HypnoBirthing practitioner but a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Antenatal educator and Doula, and an Independent Health and Wellbeing champion. All of these ‘hats’ mean I can tailor your experience to best suit your needs and requirements and give you the very best service.

What item/service on your menu or in your shop do you just LOVE and think everyone needs?

Out of all the services that I offer I truly believe that the HypnoBirthing course is something that every pregnant couple need in their lives. Just read my testimonials and birth stories to see how much it impacts the lives of everyone who does it.

In what way have you gone above/beyond in the past for a customer?

Particularly when working with pregnant couples I can get very attached to them. After the 5 weeks is over although its exciting as it means they are now so ready to give birth to their baby, it’s also a really sad time for me as I don’t get to see them weekly anymore. However I always make sure I keep in touch until the baby is born and I love to go and visit parents and baby when they are ready. I take a little gift for the baby also. For my Doula clients I give them a copy of their birth story as a keepsake for their baby book. Not that I feel that any of this is above and beyond - it’s just what I love to do.

What are you passionate about outside of your business?

I am a mum myself, having used HypnoBirthing nearly 7 years ago when giving birth to my daughter. I love being a mum. I try to fill our weekends with activities and fun. I’m most definitely passionate about raising my daughter in the best possible way I can, so she is a happy, healthy and well rounded little person!

I am also very passionate about Breastfeeding and I am currently working towards a Breastfeeding Support Worker qualification with the ABM (Association of Breastfeeding Mothers). I think it is vital that new mothers get the support and care they need surrounding breastfeeding.

Describe your perfect day?

Probably on the beach – Lusty Glaze is my favourite – sunshine, picnic, a bit of sea swimming, lots of sun bathing, with a chance to read a book in between digging holes and building sand castles with my daughter. Then picking up chip shop chips on the way home :)

What other local business to you love and why?

I have quite a list for this one! Firstly I love Sprout in Newquay. I do my best to follow a vegan diet and this little gem of shop has an amazing range of vegetarian and vegan produce and services a delicious vegan one pot every day. I love their range of essential oils too.

Fit Bumps and Mums in Newquay. Laura is such a passionate and driven woman. Her purpose build premises are a total delight and I’m lucky enough to run my Relaxation Workshops in her studio. Check out her timetable for everything that she offers.

Nick Steele – Osteopath. I first met Nick when he and his wife chose me to deliver their HypnoBirthing course. Since then I was used Nick as my osteopath and also as my daughters. He is a wonderful, kind, gentle and knowledgeable man, who is amazing at what he does. He specialises in babies and children, and can also work with pregnant mums. If you need an adjustment or are having some niggles, then get in touch with him.

Lewinnick Lodge – I just love this place. It does help that my partner is the exec chef there, but it’s such a wonderful venue. If I have a spare few hours in my working day I will head up there, sit and do my admin in the bar. They have free wifi and some great vegan options on their menu. From the breakfast menu my favourite thing is the vegan pancakes.

And of course, last but not least Jo Buckley Photography. Jo’s work makes me want to have another baby just so I can do one of her photoshoots and own some of her amazing photos. I wish I knew about her when my daughter was a newborn. Her work is beautiful and unique and I recommend her to all my HypnoBirthing clients.

What’s your favourite biscuit!?

I’m not really a biscuit person – give me cake any day! However if I had to pick I would choose a Lotus biscuit. The ones you get on the side of your chocolate/coffee. They are vegan too!

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