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Long Live the Print…

As a professional photographer I am asked time and time again “Do you offer digital files?” When I first started my photography business I believed that was what my customer wanted, now However I have come to learn that digital files are what customers think they want.

Here at Jo Buckley Photography we specialise in Newborn and family Photography and many of our parents return to our studio throughout the first year to capture their child's milestones. Because of this I got to find out what parents had done with their digital files. Had they printed them? Did they get any enlargements for their walls? Or most importantly had they made a backup? I was often saddened to hear that many had “not got round to it yet”.

Early in 2017 we decided to change the way we approached our photography, we now understand that the best way to provide exceptional service to all of our customers is to present them with beautiful, professionally finished work. Handing them a USB stick and sending them on their way is not the best representation of our work or the value we place on photography. That being said we understand that in this age of digital technology you want to share your images through social media and view them on portable devices to share with friends and family. This is why with every print and wall enlargement you purchase you will receive the matching digital files.We cannot stress how important it is to backup your digital files. Technology changes, imagine having your treasured Newborn photos on Floppy Disk! How would you access those digital files today? Most computers and laptops today do not even have a CD drive!

We completely believe that a print is the most meaningful way to enjoy photography and thats why when you come to our studio for a portrait session we will invite you back to view all of your images professionally printed and mounted on our reveal wall.

Let’s keep the printed image alive and not let our images live and die on a USB\CD tucked away in the bottom draw.

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