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Lockdown Walks

The studio is closed and we like many others have taken to long walks on the coast to set our minds at ease. There is nothing like a fresh sea breeze on a Cornish coast to put things in perspective. How lucky are we! It really makes us feel that we take where we live for granted.

Cornwall in Winter is a completely different experience and we are definitely fans of getting out and about when we can, suitably wrapped up that is. A favourite of ours at the moment is walking across Gwithian beach and compared to the summer when the carpark is bumper to bumper; at the minute its blissfully quiet. Walking across the sand dunes down onto the the beach is just wonderful and we highly recommend it.

Another great place to visit, if your stuck for ideas. Hell’s Mouth, Hell’s Mouth is located on the North coast a bit further on from Godrevy, there is a lovely walk back from the Cafe that has stunning views. You can also get a lovely view of Seals down on Mutton Cove and it wouldn’t be right if you didn’t stop for an ice cream of takeaway cup of tea. Because the studio in Redruth is closed and we still need to fill the photography bug we’ve been taking our cameras with us wherever we can. Luke’s even had a go at some wildlife photography.

Luke always says that one of the main reasons he likes going for a walk is that it makes a cup of tea taste so much better when you've returned from a fresh chilly walk. Get the kettle on!



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