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How to Avoid Stretch Marks Throughout Pregnancy.

You know your body is going to change throughout pregnancy but how do you look after your skin to avoid stretch marks.

I’m not 100% convinced that every women can avoid stretch mark, If your mum has them it’s very likely you will too as there is a genetic link to who gets them. However just like with winkles you can do your best to prevent stretch marks.

The number one most important thing you must do is drink water. I personally used to suffer with brake outs of acne on my chin but ever since I started making a conscious effort to drink more water my skin has been the clearest it’s ever been. Drinking more water has so many benefits. The second best thing you can do is have a healthy diet, eating lots of fruit and vegetables.

The third is to have a skin care routine and these were the three products I used throughout my pregnancy.

L’OCCITANE Almond Shower Oil. The oil body wash smells amazing and feels so lovely on your skin. It’s not the cheapest but a little goes a long way.

Bio oil and Aveeno Moisturising cream. I used the bio oil every evening before putting my pjs and I used the moisturising cream just after I showered in the morning. I found my skin absorbed the cream much quicker than the oil which meant my clothes didn’t get ruined.

I weighed under nine stone pre pregnancy and come the end of my pregnancy I was around 12 and half. I was definitely one of those ladies who put weight on all over. Face, arms, back, bum, legs, feet! My boobs also went massive! I am amazed my skin could stretch that much. Despite all that weight gain I didn’t get any stretch marks; so give these products a go, they worked for me. Just remember to carry on even after you have given birth as your skin will be loose and needs time to tighten.

Just remember ladies being a mum is worth every stretch mark, wrinkle and sleepless night. Embrace your body as you are beautiful just the way you are.

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Jo x


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