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Getting out and about with a newborn baby.

As a new Mum who lives in Cornwall and enjoy’s the country side it was very important for me to get out and about as soon as I could.

Not everywhere is pushchair friendly so I knew a baby sling was going to be something I would use time and time again. It turns out that slings are not just good for walks but are great for wearing inside too, allowing you to get things done around the house!

There are so many slings out there and some are quite an investment, so what do you go for?

We started off with a Caboo lite carrier which is soft and lightweight. It was perfect for the newborn stage. I’ve seen a lot of parents wearing stretchy wraps but to be honest I found it a little daunting wrapping this long piece of fabric around me and then tying a knot to one side. The Caboo comes in two parts, you simply pop the sling over your head like a t-shite. Then stretch the fabric across your baby and tighten the side rings so the baby is nice and secure against your chest. You can then tie the support band around you both for extra security. It’s simple, quick and easy to get on and off. Elsie was around 2/3 months old when I felt she was getting a little to heavy for the Cabo lite and by then she was a lot more alert and wanted to look around. I felt it was time for an upgrade.

I got in contact with my local sling library, St Ives Sling Library and Support - Cornwall to ask for their recommendations on a sling that would allow me to face Elise forward as she loved being carried like that (she’s nosy like her mum!) Unfortunately the monthly meets where you can try on different types of slings and get one on one help were not happening due to Covid-19. However you could still higher a sling to give it a try.

We ended up hiring a Tula Explore and loved it. We didn’t feel the need to hold her like we were starting to with the Caboo. It felt far more sturdier, in fact she felt so much lighter in the Tula which was down to the sportive straps spreading her weight evenly. I must of used the sling everyday around the house giving me freedom to hang the washing out, put the vac round whilst entertaining her at the same time! She enjoyed looking around and swinging her legs. Sometimes it would even send her to sleep!

In the end we deiced to buy a similar sling the Ergobaby Omni air mesh 360 as we where gifted a voucher for John Lewis (who didn’t sell the Tula Explore). We love the Erogo air 360 even more! The fabric is so soft around your arms and your babies legs and the mesh maternal makes you and your baby way less sweaty on a hot day! The carrier appears big but the maternal is really light weight and it’s really easy to fold it away small if you want to put it under your push chair. The sliding strap on the side is great, It makes it so easy to adjust to the inward or forward facing position. Elsie loves to look around so she mainly faces outwards but when she falls asleep I’ll spin her around and face her inwards. The slide straps makes this so quick and easy to do.

One thing I would say is that when you put the sling on and put your baby in it the straps can slip off your shoulders which can make it a bit awkward. There is a strap which you clip together across the top of your back to stop the straps sliding off your shoulders. Top tip - have the strap across your back clipped together at all times instead of unclipping that strap to take it on and off just loosen the shoulder straps to take the carrier on and off. I personally found it so much easier doing it this way. Then you don’t need anyone else with you to help you do the strap up at the back.

If you need any support with what carrier to get I would definitely recommend getting in touch with your local sling library. I would also highly recommend the Ergobaby Omni air mesh 360. WE LOVE IT!

Enjoy getting out and about with your little one.

Love Jo Xx

Lockdown memories! Out and about with the sling.



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