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Exist In Photographs...

Imagine the year is 2048, thirty years from now! A young woman steps into a dusty, dark attic. Large shadowy shapes surround her, covered in white sheets. In one swift motion she tugs on a sheet, sending up a cloud of dust to reveal an old piece of furniture. Below the towering shape she spots the bright white edge of a picture frame. Carefully pulling the frame from its shadowy home she wipes her hand across its glass surface, removing a layer of dust. Upon seeing the image, her heart fills with love; she is reminded of a time long ago when the halls of the house below were filled with the sounds of laughter, happiness and joy. Her Mother stares back at her, eyes glinting in the dim light of the attic. In her arms a newborn baby sleeps.

“Who’s that Mummy?”, a voice mutters from behind the woman's shoulder. “That’s my Mummy”, the woman replies, not tearing her attention away from the image for one second. “She’s beautiful!”, replies the young girl. The woman pauses, breathes in and whispers back, “She certainly was…”

Exist in Photography; in years to come your children will be looking for photographs of you, what will they find?


The importance of the printed image had never been more important to me than it was after losing my Nan. Now her image greets my every time I descend the stairs to start a new day. I know she didn't like the photograph that now takes pride of place on my wall; “Look at my wrinkles!”, she used to say, but for me, the photograph isn't just a depiction of what my Nan looked like at that time in her life, it’s a gate way to all the wonderful memories of our time together that I hold close to my heart. When I see it I’m reminded of her laugh, the way she looked when she was mad, how she liked her cup of tea! “That’s like bark!”, she would exclaim after I had made her cuppa too strong. Those little things, those little moments, they aren't so little.

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