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Ellie | Hickory Dickory Rock | LOVE LOCAL

Tell us about your business…what do you do?

I do under 4’s music and movement classes in St Agnes and Truro. The Mini Mice class is for babies up to 15 months, Maxi Mice is from 16 months to 4 years. We sing a mixture of reworked nursery rhymes and original songs designed to encourage play and interaction and we’ve got lots of lovely instruments and exciting props, sensory fun and some Makaton signing. The classes are carefully planned to include developmental benefits and with either imaginative or educational themes. I try to include a bit of everything, but everything done well. Plus, along with a free trial class, both venues have free parking, close parks and coffee shops!

What makes your business unique/special?

We’ve made our own music – reworked nursery rhymes with a bit of funk, latin, rock, swing, folk…and lots of our own (sometimes silly) songs too to get you and your little ones playing and bonding together. We don’t think kids music or classes have to be an endurance exercise for grown ups and we want them to have as much fun too! As well as a great variety of instruments and props, we’ve also got lots of home-sewn or knitted props to make them extra special, including a 5m long twinkling sky and under-the-sea scene! There are lots of developmental benefits to music classes - fine and gross motor skills, communication, social skills...oh and grown ups get to take their social skills for an outing too. Plus I do rockin’ parties!

In what way have you gone above/beyond in the past for a customer?

Twins! So many lovely twins around! You may see me from time to time with one tucked on my lap or under my arm to give their grown up one spare hand!

Some little ones have sensory or developmental issues so when I can provide particular items or extra help or attention then it’s so nice to see them then get stuck into the class within their comfort zones.

I try to create a space where grown ups can come and be themselves, and helping other lovely grown ups to meet in a welcoming, friendly, inclusive space is a privilege. It’s been so great to watch friendships grow and any advice I can give as a Mum who’s been there too is again a total privilege and I only hope gives hope and sanity!

What are you passionate about outside of your business?

Does relaxing count?! Above all, family time is my favourite thing. But I’m also lucky that I get to bring my business and passions together at times – I love sewing, knitting and baking and I’ve been able to do all three under the guise of “working” too. I get in the sea when I can for a bodyboard (but I won’t deny, I prefer it between May and October!), but I like getting out on my bike or for a run the rest of the time for a bit of peace and quiet!

Describe your perfect day?

It’s got to start with a breakfast of champions! Mr HDR loves baking breads so a breakfast loaf or bun is not uncommon in our house. Good coffee to go with naturally. Then up and out with the kids for some kind of family day – cycling, hanging out at the beach tag-teaming sea time, walks anywhere pretty (not hard in Cornwall!). Maybe a bit of gardening back home and a delicious family dinner – probably all the more delicious if Mr HDR cooks that too…I’ll make pudding! A glass of Baileys and a peaceful evening to close. Bliss. If Mr HDR didn’t come off well enough in that, it’s worth pointing out that he’s the man behind the music and production too! He’s very patient each time I come along with sentences starting like, “I wrote a new song today…” or “do you reckon you could play country music…?”.

What other local business to you love and why?

There are so many great businesses to choose from! Unfold Studio has super talented graphic design skills (just check out my posters if you need proof!). Plenty of coffee shops that keep me and my fellow Mum friends in for hours. Canteen in St Agnes is incredible for lunches or tea with a cinammon bun. Hub Box is my kids’ favourite place to eat – I’m not sure if it’s the food or the funk that they love most, but certainly we can’t help but head bop while we eat there!

What’s your favourite biscuit!?

Now that’s not fair, I like biscuits, how could I choose one?! Chocolate digestive! Maybe shortbread. Ooh Chocolate Hobnobs…


Hickory Dickory Rock

Opening hours: Monday and Tuesday classes, open daily for contact!

MMI St Agnes and Turners Hall Scout Hut, Boscawen Park




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