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Charlie | 6 months old | Sitter Session

Check out little Charlie!!

Charlie’s parent Rebecca and Barry were gifted a photoshoot with us at Jo Buckley Photography from Rebecca’s Mum. I’m sure Grandma and the rest of the family will enjoy these portraits of Charlie at 6 months old.

Rebecca is a horse lover (just like Emily’s mum in our last blog post!!) so she brought with her a little rocking horse for Charlie to sit on. He was so so sssooo close to sitting up on his own but wasn’t quite there yet so we asked Mum to hold on to the back of his clothes and used some of our photoshop magic to remove her arm.

Thank you for bringing your lovely baby boy to see us in the studio for his baby photoshoot, it’s been an absolute pleasure to capture you all together.

Jo & Luke


Rebecca left us a lovely review on our Facebook page.

Thanks Rebecca




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