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Elsie | Baby Prints Cornwall

This week Jo and I took delivery of a very special item. Before the lockdown started we took Elsie to see Trudy at Baby Prints Cornwall. Trudy takes plaster casts of your babies hands or feet and then paints and frames them to your liking. It takes a while for the plaster to fully dry and Jo and I had forgotten all about it, especially with everything that’s been going on.

Looking at the final result, Jo and I are utterly blown away by just how amazing it looks and we can’t stop staring at it! Of course we had to add a photograph from our own Newborn Session with Elsie; which feels like such a long time ago now. You don’t really think about it at the beginning of having a new baby but time really does fly along and seeing those little hands and feet cast forever for us to treasure really puts into perspective just how fast Elsie is growing.

During the casting you don’t get to see the finished results so its hard to imagine how amazing it's going to look. Jo and I found the whole experience extremely relaxing and Trudy was such a natural with Elsie, showing patience when Elsie decided to wriggle out of the first mould making attempt. There where loads of types of frames to choose from, different shapes of frame as well as colours of mounting. You could even choose what colour the cast will be, we went for silver but bronze also looked amazing.

We can’t thank Trudy enough for the wonderful job she’s done on Elsie’s casting. We highly recommend her talents to anyone looking for that extra special memento of such a wonderful and as I’m finding out, brief time in your babies life.



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